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Join as we dig into the Word to discover what it means to be a FOLLOWER OF JESUS.


April 7 - Communion & Baptism - Symbols of Oneness with Christ and Each Other

In Jesus' final prayer He prays for you and me! 


March 31 - John Wesley & Assurance of Salvation

We can know that we belong to Jesus! 


March 24 - It's All About Grace

God's amazing grace goes "before" us, saves us, sanctifies us, sustains us, and it will finish the work in us when we see Jesus! 


March 17 - DESCRIBE GOD - What We Believe
Knowing God gives us a strong foundation in an unstable world.


March 10 - The Great Commandment

Disciples love God and love others. Learn how you share Jesus with others.


February 24 - Disciples Make Disciples

Jesus entrusted us with His Mission, and sent us with His Power and His Authority so we could share His Message of Hope. 


February 17 - Disciples are Spiritual Producers, Not Just Consumers

It's not healthy to just be filled over and over. We also need to "bear fruit" and there are MANY ways to do that!  No recording is available - you download the SermonNotes.


February 10 - Make the Word Come Alive

To make Bible reading a habit, we need to know how to make the Bible speak into our everyday life. Here's how!


February 3 - Abiding in Christ

As we stay connected to Him, our lives become productive in positive ways.


January 27 - How to Recognize God's Voice
Not every "voice" we hear is from God. Here's how to know when God is speaking. Download the handout to read 6 ways to test what you "hear"


Immanuel - "God With Us"

December 9 - "God With Us" Brings Love

God's love is personal and He works in each of us in personal ways.
He knows what we need just as He knew what Mary & Joseph needed.

December 2 - "God With Us" Brings Hope
We are Called to be People of Hope & to Pass Hope to Others

Every Breakthrough Begins with Prayer

November 25 - Praying When the Unexpected Happens
Never let a problem intimidate you - let it motivate you to pray!

November 18 - How to Pray for Healing & Restoration
Message by Pastor Tamra Roberts

November 11 - How to Pray Throughout Your Day
We can learn to pray persistently when we use the Lord's Prayer throughout the day

November 4 - Praying in 5 Dimensions by Nathaniel Harrison
Look back, Look up, Look in, Look around, Look forward

October 21 - Who Do You Think You're Talking To?
Sermon by Tracy Harrison:  What you think God is like  will determine how you pray.

October 14 - Lord Teach Us to Pray
Four principles of prayer teach us what Jesus knew - prayer is a delight, not a duty.

October 7 - How to Be Blessed and Not Stressed
I can hear from God best when my heart and mind are at peace

Sept 30 - Finding Security in an Insecure World
Jesus gives us two avenues through which to fulfill our Purpose

YOUR WORK (Everyday life) MATTERS
Sept 2 - WHY Am I Here?

Jesus gives us two avenues through which to fulfill our Purpose

August 26 - Are You Satisfied with Your Life?
We live with Contented Discontentment - Something Much Better is COMING!

August 19 - Three Great Desires of the Heart
The Word says to guard our desires but first we must identify them.

August 5 - Psalm 19 & God's Nature
Message by Nathaniel Harrison

July 22 - The Power of Praise
Check out 5 Benefits of Praise and how we can enhance our praise

July 15 - The Power of Confession
The goal of confession is not just forgiveness, its restoration and renewal!

July 8 - God Desires an Honest Heart
Come to God with total honest, then remind yourself of who God is and end with hope.

July 1 - What Makes a True Disciple?
The Parable of the Tower Builder tells us that what matters most if finishing well!

June 24 - How to Cultivate a Receptive Heart
The Parable of the Sower shows us four conditions our our heart

June 3 - Overcoming Obstacles to Forgiveness
Can we really forgive and forget? 

May 27 - It's Not Fair!
Is God Fair or is Being "Just" Enough?

May 20 - Mountain Moving Faith
The Parable of the Mustard Seed

May 6 - The Reckless Love of God
Why would Jesus leave the 99 and go after one who was lost?

April 29 - Lost & Found
Jesus' story of two sons and a Father's love

April 22 - Parable of the Talents
Message by Nathaniel Harrison

April 15 - Kyle Shaw - Whole Truth Ministries

April 8 - Becoming Agents of Change

The Kingdom of God is like Yeast: It brings change to everything it touches.

Come Alive with Resurrection Power

It's Power to Cancel your Sin & Regret, Give you a New Identity, and 
Fill you with Strength for Every Day's Challenges

March 18 - Above and Beyond
God is greater than our fear and expectations. He invites us to join Him! 
March 11 - Mountains and Valleys
God can work in our lives in every circumstace
March 4 - How to Handle Money Wisely
Don't serve your money - Make your money serve God

February 25 -Grace -- Truth -- Urgency
 Jesus was interested in making disciplies, not drawing crowds.
February 18 -Don't Worry - Be Ready
 When we understand our value and God's character we can choose not to worry!
February 11 -Mountains and Valleys
 Message by Nathaniel Harrison                                     
January 28 - We Bring the "Kingdom Come"

 Luke Chapter 6: Principles and Core Values of the Kingdom of God
January 21 - How to Have Compassion and Authority
 Luke Chapters 4-5:  People are Amazed at Jesus' Authority
January 14 - Guardrails: Victory Over Temptation
 Luke Chapter 3: Jesus' Temptation

SEEN TO UNSEEN: Looking into the Realm of the Unknown

August 20 - To Die Well You Must Live Well

Why are we here? To invest in eternity!

August 6 - Finding Hope Beyond Today
Jesus' Resurrection Makes Our Hope for Eternity Possible
July 23 - Rise & Shine
Our hope is in God's Promises & His Power

July 9 - What Are You Living For?
What happens when we die?
July 2 - 5 Big Questions about the Afterlife

June 25- Why Talk about Heaven & the Afterlife?

It Can Tame Your Wants and Your Worries

June 11- How Can You Be a Lion Chaser?
Chase the Lion Finale
June 4 - Chain Reaction
Every Decision has a Domino Effect - Some Even Reach Across Generations
May 21 - Think Long!

Longterm Obedience Brings Blessings - Nothing Grows Quickly But Weeds! 
May 14 - Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World
Glance at Your Problems but Gaze at God
May 7 - The Genesis Moment
Get into God's Word and God's Dream will Get into You
April 30 - The Ripple Effect
Never Underestimate the Power of One Choice or Act of Kindness
April 23 - How to Let Go & Move Forward
To Reach for What's New and Positive You Have to Let Go of What's Old and Negative

April 9 - Better Together - Testimony by Jeff Kindell

April 2 - "Redeemed" -Testimony by Misty Fry

March 26 - Testimony by Tracy Harrison​

March 19 -The Power of a Story

March 12 - Sermon by Jacob Shockley